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Default Brinkmann Smoke n Pit

I'm looking to enter the competition sport of Barbecue also. So, of course I'm doing my homework and searching for the right grill. I have a budget of about $800 dollars. I'm currently researching the Brinkmann Smoke n Pit with some modifications. It's not the price that I like, it is the availability and the offset barrel size that I like. Some of the modifications I plan on doing is:
1. Removing the smoke stack and placing one at grate level.
2. Adding fireplace bricks at the bottom to even out the temperature
3. Placing to temperature gauges at grate level. One near the firebox and the other on the far side of the cooking chamber
4. Adding a powered draft controller. You can find out about theses at
5. Extending the dampener
7. Add heavy duty steel charcoal grates from horizon to the cooking chamber

My questions is:
1.Would the mods work to make the BSK a competition grill because with all the mods I'll be looking at about $700 dollars but within budget
2. What advice would you give a first time competitor
3. Is the a better grill that will perform like the BSK with the mods I can get for $800. that has the offset design

Any advice you have will greatly be appreciated.
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