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Default Official 2010 American Royal site list

Post team name, space #, Invitational, Open, or Both

I'll update the list from time to time and delete posts as the updates are made.

Boondoggle BBQ - in 667 since 2009 - Invite and Open
phat Jacks BBQ- In spot 942, Invitational and Open.
Lion Bout The Q spot 921D Invitational and Open
BBQ brethren in 918. cooking the Open, but a party for the invitational. 761 Open
Ribs 4 U, space 739, Open and Invitational
MooCow, 907 invite and open
Border War Smokers - 644, invite and open
Bonesmokers/BGE? 903-
Buster Dog BBQ 906 open and invite
Smokers Purgatory 240, Open
Pork Pullin Plowboys 909 - Open & Invitational Home of the Friday night Brethren annual photo and toast. (Sponsored by Templeton Rye... we assume)
Big Creek BBQ 933 - Invitational and Open
TippyCanoe BBQ Crew Back in spot 750 Both Invitational and Open!
Jellyroll Jones BBQ #144 Invitational and Open
The Pickled Pig #625 Invitational and Open
Butcher BBQ 669 Both
Natural Born Grillers are in 719, invitational & open
Bellys by Traeger 825 open
Caveman Cuisine space 923 Invitational & Open
Big T'z Q Cru will be back in spot 934 competing in both the invite and open. :-)
Smokin' Scotsmen spot 868. Invite and Open. (w/Captain Ron and Parsley Lady)
THREE BROTHERS (Different Mothers), space #746, open only.
She Thinks My Slabs R Sexy 079 Open & Inv
Diva Q 707 Invitational & Open
British BBQ Society 936
BBQr's Delight in 700 Open
Bringin' The Heat 339 Invite & Open
Kosmo's Q 690. Both the Invitational & Open.
Belly Brothers BBQ team, 758, invit and open
Able Acres BBQ #914 Invitational and Open
Burnt Finger BBQ will be in 083
Everglades Seasoning BBQ Team 971 B AKA (Smokin' Cracker BBQ Team)
Smitty's Smoke Patrol 884 Open and Invite
Low Life BBQ, Space #149, open
Smoke'n Ice in 784 - Invite & Open
Rubbed,Smoked, and Sauced BBQ Team 267 Open
Uncle Bub's BBQ 926 Open and Invite
Hambones by the Fire - Invite and Open - site 755
Smokin' Bad Habit Site 405, (well be the guys with the beer)
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