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Originally Posted by The Pickled Pig View Post
Put a liner of parchment paper in your box, leaving excess in the front and back. Cut the corners of your parchment liner so it lies flat in the box. Build your putting green. Place a damp paper towel over the putting green and secure for travel with a damper made from cutting down a clamshell top or bottom. When ready to transfer, remove the damper and paper towel and grab the parchment liner by the corners. Lift out of your box and place into the contest box. Use one hand/arm to hold the parsley in place while you slowly pull the parchment liner out. The whole transfer process takes less than a minute.

Now, who can explain to me why the parchment paper always has pink streaks on it when you pull it out?
Wooooo, now that is incredible. U tha man PAUL
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