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Sooo tired... Starting to feel the effects of this smoker on me.. This biznitch better feed me and treat me well! Spent all day grinder her box... ...uh I mean the firebox... Whatever, Got some decent progress on the firebox today... had to even out all the edges of the case and the door and check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust...check fit, adjust........ u get the idea. Being scrap I guess a couple pieces were bent a little... Kinda hard to get a bend out of a 2 foot 1/4" plate! Anyways when it FINALLY looked good enough I welded on the hinges (gonna add a 3rd one in the middle very soon), but the door seems pretty well supported. Once the door was on I started cutting and fitting the seals for it out of 1" angle iron. Once the seals were tacked on thankfully the fit was nice and snug. At that point I just about collapsed, had a drink, a smoke, grabbed the camera to snap a couple shots to keep you guys updated and called it a night...

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