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Originally Posted by Sean "Puffy" Coals View Post
Awesome job, Phrasty! Glad I could help. Next time I'm in your area I'll swing by and check it out in person and we'll knock a few back!
Thanks Puffy! For sure... Gimme a heads up and we can definitely hang out and throw something on the grill.

Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
I like it. Personally, I like the double D doors. Probably less heat loss when you are checking on things and less recovery time, but I'm just guessing as I don't own a big stick burner like that.
Will you be attaching the firebox like that......level with the meat chamber or will it be lower than the meat chamber? You got some mean fabricating skillz! Keep us prondated!

Hey Bob. I kinda wanted to do the double door as well but I thought with the vents on the door and an extra seal to deal with, the single door would be the better/easier and time conscious decision.

The firebox will be mounted approx. 10" below where it is now / 3" below the bottom food grate, like standard offsets.

Thanks for the compliment... all these "skillz" are self-taught. Out here if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Well... its the better and cheaper way if you can make the time to do it. Plus I get it EXACTLY how I want it... I am a graphic designer... and unfortunately a perfectionist on top of it! I just hope I can get it sandblasted when the time comes and it turns out nice. I'd HATE to have to grind off the paint off this sucker!!! Thanks again Bredrin!

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