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Originally Posted by JamesTX View Post
So, from the time you first lit the paper to the pit being ready to put meat on, how much time passed?

Time Stops when you run those things. I refuse to answer for the same reason someone years ago gave out IT temp for Done Brisket. It soon spreads like wildfire and then everyone thinks that that time unit is applicable in all situations.

I did give several clues as to what to look for.

Start with everything open

When paper has burned out and you have a rolling log fire that is over the lip you can gradually close the fire door (which in some smokers increases air speed blowing in the box.

Keep adding wood to catch fire and close all doors except the one or two by your stacks.

Then when you get the pit to 200-250 close the remaining door and the fire door.

Wash and oil rub (with water and oil mix) your pit.

When the pit is at 300 and pretty clean smoke you are ready. This comment is less about the meat and creosote and more about the integrity of your fire... does it have enough coals and fuel?

A lot of this is also dependent upon your fuel condition in the box.
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