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Default A little help ona brisket please..........

I had some time to kill so I did a brisket slowly at 245 on my drum. I waited and waited well into the cook to check for butter smooth probe in the point and the thickest part of the flat. I finally achieved the smooth probe in both areas and the thinnest part of the flat never did come around. Question, does the thin part of the flat always react like this(tough)? How do you get past this area being tough when the rest is ready? Do youcontinue on and eventually it softens up? Does this effect the already probe tender point and thicker flat Help a rook please......

Also, I am not a comp cook and have no desire to do that, but, a smoke ring might be nice to achieve. Is there a reason that I can't get a smoke ring on anything I que? I seem to be getting plenty of smoke with my barrel. Any ideas?

thanks much.....

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