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one real important thoing when you fry.. Do it FAR FAR away from the house. I fried a turkey in on the alkway nexgt to the house. The fryer was about 8 feet from the siding. The oily steam that escaped into the air attached itself to the side of my house and after that every atmospheric particle has attached itself to the white vinyl siding. I didnt notice until a w2eek or so later when the side of the house was covered with this grey oily residue that embedded itself onto the vinyl siding. Tried everythoing to remove it... pressure washing, gasoline, different soaps.. the only thing that did it was some grill cleaner which also took she sheen off the siding. the spot was abotu 6x10 so took alot of grill cleaner.

and to answer your question, I injected one and brined the other in a honey/maple broine. the honey maple one was charred beyond recognition but great inside. JSN's explanation answers twhy that happened.. I just thought my initial temps were too high.... but carmelization makes more sense.
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