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Originally Posted by Redneck Firehouse BBQ View Post
Hey guys I'm new around here. Name is Chris from Central Kansas. Right now i currently have a smoker that is a 250 gal rf on a trailer for comps. We are considering selling this and getting an FEC 100. I was wondering if anybody has any cons on these units? I know all the good and heard tons of pros but no cons really. Please help. Thanks.
I am very happy with my FEC and would buy it again it I were starting over. As far as cons, I can think of a few...

1. Need electricity. This is generally not a problem, but most of us who cook competitions carry back up power of some sort just in case. For home or restaurant use this isn't as big of a deal.

2. It contains electronics and mechanical parts that can fail. The FEC is incredibly reliable, but failures happen.

3. If you like a heavy some flavor then the FEC may not be for you. There are ways to add more smoke flavor, but it will never be as strong as a stick burner.

4. People call you names like "cheater" or "pellethead" or "pellet pooper"
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