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Originally Posted by jminion
I created a company as soon as I started competing, lots of good reasons for it but number one it makes competitions advertizing for the company, get catering gigs and now the teaching I'm doing can be made part of the whole picture, write off with the Feds makes much easier to compete. Good plan.
Good luck!
Jim--that is it in a nutshell! Thanks!!

Too many $ for a hobby (unless you are a rich Dude), and must be approached as a business.
Never gonna get rich (most of us) but it is a valid profession with income and expenses!
Hopefully profit results. I will gladly pay my taxes on valid income!

We all have bills to pay and this is just like the Plumber, Banker, or ????

Df and I are learning big lessons about sponsorships as I write.
I am "exploring the edges of reality" to see what can be done!
I figure the worst they can do is "throw me out"!
I will "dust the shame off" and talk to someone else

I do know that The Southren Brethren has a plan for 2005 and that we can not do it without sponsorship!
Period, end of discussion.
Any "potential winnigs" are a "crapshoot" and not an element of our plannng!
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