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1. The guy who you are taking this recipe from is an idiot.
2. It looks like Paulie from Goodfellas sliced each peppercorn with a razor individually so I would be concerned about foiling.
3.This should be good... especially the next one where you don't have to open your drum and take pictures.

I just did a small order of 30 rack of ribs. For ten they got 1/3 link of sausage, 2 huge ribs, Sugar Coma Baked Beans, sauce and one irregular.

It was the first time I got the church to put everything (except the sauce and beans) in butcher paper so now my process is complete. The kitchen was clean before the lunch service it went so good. Bags, ya know.

Originally Posted by Kubbie View Post
8.3 lb Costco flat.

3 step rub - barbefunkoramaque style (got the idea from
  • 1. Lawrey's
  • 2. Homemade low-salt rub
  • 3. Coarse Black pepper + Coarse Sea Salt + no-salt lemmon pepper

No injection or marinade. Fat cap up.

Fired up UDS at 5:30 am, got up to about 300, meat on at about 6:30.

We'll see how this goes, still going to do some reading on foil/no foil, flip/no-flip/ broth injection, how long to hold (oven/foil/cooler).

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