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Originally Posted by shtrbc View Post
How did you do the 2 that failed? Brisket is one of my biggest challenges also.
Honestly - I don't remember. I think they were completely trimmed +/- 3 lb flats I found at a grocery store. It was a couple years ago and they were so dry that I erased that memory.

I've learned a lot in the last year just from reading here.

Before the Brethren days, I started smoking on my gasser with a chip box, then a $79 charbroil smoker that I couldn't hold for 10 minutes (roller coaster between 150 and 350) Too much looking, to much tinkering with the fire, damper, flipping meat...

Hated smoking.

Started looking for online reviews of good smokers, didn't have the budget for a Klose, found this here, built a UDS and rest is (my short) history. Many butts, fattys, abts, moinks, ribs and chicken on the UDS since then, just haven't gotten to brisket since being enlightened.
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