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Originally Posted by Stevesonfire! View Post
Phrasty this is exciting stuff for me. I do have to say you have an ambitious time frame to build it!
I built mine this past winter. Was only able to work on it on the weekends, mostly Saturdays. It took me 3 months of Saturdays to finish mine. I built mine as a reverse flow great. I have three thermometers on it. On average, the top rack runs about 20-25 degrees warmer than the bottom.
As far as the tires on the worries. I have pneumatic tires on mine very close to the firebox...the sun makes them hotter than the fire.

I do have one bit of advice to pass on though... I used exactly the same hinges on my doors when I started. They are not heavy enough.. I ultimately made my own using some 5/8" round stock and pieces of metal fence post. Not only are they strong, they added to the overall appearance of a heavy smoker!

Feel free to message me if I can help...

Thanks Steve. The hinges seem ok for now, But i agree with you... they could be a bit more "solid" Ill probably try to fab. some later and put them on. Ive been trying to fond out... what kind of heat do you get with your Reverse flow? How hot can you get it? Can you hold steady 300's with that thing? Let me know Bro... Thnkas

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