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Default Day 3

Hey everyone. Today was a good day.. started a bit late again (bout 2:00) I had a friend come over and give me a hand with the build, we got quite a bit done. First, we got the other set of hinges aligned and tacked on. Then we cut out the doors which came out pretty cool ... so far so good. Once the doors were cut and the hinges were OK'd for alignment I finished welding them on. Had to clean the paint off the edges of the doors to weld on the door overlaps. I was planning on using 1.5" flat stock for this but I realized that I had some 1" already left over from a last build and thought "free is good right?!?!" so thats what I threw on. Left them 5/8" proud, so that should give me enough space for a decent seal by itself and hopefully should fit a high heat gasket to seal this bad puppy up. Got as far as 3 sides of the big door and called it quits for the night. Man I haven't done this in a long time... took a little while to get my welding feel back.

I want to go pickup some 3/4 square hollow section or 1" angle iron tomorrow for the trays and get those started as well as the sliding supports for them. If time allows I'll also try get the handles for the doors fabricated and mounted. The only thing holding me up is getting the 1/4" Sheet steel for the firebox. At about $325 a sheet locally, it's DEFINITELY the bulk of my budget... Steel is so expensive out here. I cant even THINK about stainless with my budget!! Pisses me the fark off.

Anyways guys I'll post another update tomorrow after another day of building.. God willing.
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