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I find brisket pretty easy to fix, but I have also fixed a lot of them. To me ribs are hard because I haven't done much, the wife doesn't like ribs very much. Being in Kansas I do not have to worry to much about what type of beef it is because the Mennonite farmers around here raise the best beef in the world. I never age it and never inject it. I always buy choice but wish they would label it with the "cut-ability" rating. To me that is at least as important as the grade and you never seem to know it. One thing that I always do is use Adolf's before rubbing with garlic and dry rub. I usually let it sit just long enough to get the pit up to temp. I also never foil a brisket and never put it in a cooler. But I do move it to a roaster with about a pint of water and put it in an oven at 180 degrees for 4 to 6 hours. This probably does the same thing as the cooler. I sometimes slice the results but more often than not I just trim the fat and and chop the thing up. The family likes it chopped so I use a couple of bear claws (complements of the trading post) and pull it just like pork. Come to think of it I have used a cooler once and it turned out great. Instead of roasting it I put 4 big briskets in a cooler and drove from Wichita to Cedar Rapids for a wedding. It turned out great. They all could not believe that I cooked the things in Wichita. I also did the same with a couple of turkeys but I sliced them up and refrigerated them for the trip.
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