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Originally Posted by Sean "Puffy" Coals View Post

Whip them up? Hardly. Each one took at least a couple hrs. The model was probaby 5-6 hrs.

The point? ...just like building stuff. I think it's a viable design. Like I said- the capacity of a big cabinet smoker without the investment.

Just got a new job with much better pay. Might be able to build this thing sooner than I thought.
I think your biggest challenge (besides getting a good seal on the doors) is going to be getting enough heat into your verticals. Big Baby uses much larger diameter stove pipes. I know you said it wasn't to scale, so maybe that's what's throwing me off, but I think you'd need much more and more direct an opening from your proposed firebox to your verticals.

Aside from that, I think the concept is sound. Execution will be your bugaboo. Can you weld?
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