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Hey guys. Should be a fun project if all goes well.

Norcoredneck What was in the tank previously?
It was a Propane tank. Frowned upon by some. I've worked on them before and I am very careful.

markpmc hey, so this is the part where you tell us the steps you've taken to ensure there's nothing flammable in the tank before you cut it w/ the torch....


I filled the tank with water and dishwashing liquid let it sit overnight and drain. Repeated 3 times. This method has had good results with me in the past... I'm sure it will make a small dent on my water bill however.
***I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND PEOPLE CUTTING PROPANE TANKS AT ALL, it's a last resort for me. Hard to find tanks this size with thick enuf walls thats not a propane tank out here.

2K1TJ I'll be watching this closely.
Be carefull cutting that tank open!!
Thanks, Trust me I will be.

GEORGIA BULLHAWGS Also, keep in mind how hot that firebox will get, and make sure you put adequate protection between the firebox and the tires. They will get hot and pop if you are not careful with placement. Seen it happen before.
Planning on insulating the interior of the firebox with redbrick.. I'm hoping that will keep the external temp down a shade as well. The placement of the wheels on the trailer aren't definite. It all depends on the weight distribution of the rig. I have taken this problem into consideration though. Good looking out bro.

Norcoredneck I would not cut doors below half or the grease will run down front.
You know I was looking at it last night with my bredrin and was thinking that it was a hair too low.. It might be the angle of the camera as well. The doors stop just over 1.5" below the half-way mark. I think I might raise it up a little. As well as try have some form of an anti-drip method.

Well guys heading on the road now to grab some more supplies. Hopefully I should have some more pics of the progress to put up tonight if i don't get rained out. Thanks so much for your comments.

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