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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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oh dang,,,, now that I think about it.. my temps were not a consistent 225 nor 250,,, more like up and down between 215-275,,,, due to periodic checking and sleeping... since it was done overnight....

the person that tasted my brisket did say that it was close to competition and with a lil work it could be competition. but since I havent had competition brisket im not sure how close or far I was from that level,,, I can only go by what ppl said

now I have tasted other briskets ,,, BLUDSO'S,, the texas grill place in el toro,, and from newport rib company in ladera ranch,,,, I have to say Bludso's taste better than mine and all the others I have had... I would like to get to Bludso's level
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