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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
Coals are hotter than flame too, which I imagine heated the spit so this is probably why you had the meltdown?
I was thinking on similar lines, I've done small 'mallos on the spit forks and noticed that they started to droop and not rotate pretty quickly into the roasting/flaming ball of death conversion process...

I havent tried those massive marshmallows yet, but I was thinking that since they are so large and the spit rod is 1/2" diameter, it might be a more suitable roasting rod. It will absorb heat slower since you can butt marshmallows right up to eachother and only have exposed steel at the ends... Of course, they might not slide onto the rod as easily either... a little cooking spray on the rod between sliding them each on...?

If you want them gooey to the center and only toasted on the outside, heat them until they just barely begin to show color and then remove from the heat for a few min, this will let the hot outside continue to "goo-up" the inside of them, but not burn the outside. After a few min off the fire, return to the heat and toast to desired color. Be ready with a plate! Once they start to sag, it's too late to run inside for one!!!

BTW - on the BBQ Disasters, we can keep secrets... if it's really that bad of a disaster, we definately want to hear about it!!
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