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Default Various Kettle Questions

1) Any thoughts, pros vs cons on the EZ Que Rotisserie Ring vs the Weber Rotisserie Ring? I'm thinking I've heard that the EZ Que is "better" (it's certainly shinier), and I can get either for about the same price. I like the idea of the cage on the EZ Que, but I plan to add a ROL, and this needs to fit both a standard kettle and a Cajun Bandit.

2) Any one have any info on the Kettle Gas Conversion kit? I've seen references to them installed, a but a quick search on the net showed that they were only available in Au 5+ years ago. Any one know if they are available in the US or on the net now, from where, and if it's worth it? Can you still use charcoal, or is it an either/or kind of thing?

3) Finally does any one know of any kits specifically designed to convert either a Performer or an LP converted OTG to NG? If no kits, any one know what that would entail? Just a new reg? Would holes have to be bored too? Would it still work with LP, or would that ruin it?

Thanks for any thoughts and advice,

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