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LOL, thanks! Cleanup turned out to be surprisingly easy considering the circumstances. God bless sugar. After a hot bath, the Spikes came out like new. The trough was intimidating, but I had lined it with aluminum foil prior to liftoff, and the caramel/carbon made an intact shell inside of it.

Then I remembered that there was my metal aerator sitting above the foil and below the coals. Here I thought I was in for a real disaster for sure, but when I peeled off the foil on the bottom, somehow the aerator came out almost completely clean.

The melting marshmallows seemed to have perfectly blended with the coals/soot on the bottom. It was perhaps a gift of using the sooty Kingsford stuff because I usually use hardwood lump in the trough which leaves almost no ash. I got off real easy this time, but don't know if I could repeat it!
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