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Default Rotisserie Rice Krispy Treat Disaster

This cook session did not go off as planned!

For the current "For Kids" Throwdown, my concept began with the simple premise of a spit bar completely mobbed with giant marshmallows.

As it was an instant kid bonanza even before I could get it to the heat, there were some early marshmallow casualties during setup.

Those early victims ended up getting off easy, as what ensued next was a marshmallow massacre.

Whether it was because the marshmallows had been sitting in a hot car and/or because it was over 95 degrees out on this Massachusetts afternoon, once I got the spit over the heat the marshmallows seems to see the writing on the wall and decided to not wait until they turned golden brown before leaping to their death on the coals below. I had an instant full-scale melting marshmallow mutiny on my hands as gobs of white goop rained down.

It was a lucky thing that I was cooking over the Firetrough instead of an open fire this time as the trough caught the melting masses. The early arrivals ended up nobly throwing themselves on the coals, forming a protective carbon/caramel layer which the others then fell upon, forming a marshmallow soup in the trough. We moved quickly to work to salvage what we could as fast as we could, but it was hard to focus through the tears of laughter. The kids were shrieking in delight/horror at the crazy scene. (Do you get bonus points for kiddie entertainment?)

It was fortunate that my original plan was to convert this sugar onslaught to Rice Crispy Treats to spread its consumption out post-cooking. We scooped out the white goop and got to work combining it with the other essential ingredients.

Ultimately, because of the grilled texture to the marshmallows (prior to melting off) and because of some of the caramel that formed in the trough, I would have to say that these Rice Crispy Treats were probably the best I ever had.

That said, I see I have unintentionally clearly created a new entry for

Auspit, Spitmate, Rib-o-Lator. Fire Fishin' Pole. [URL=""][/URL]

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