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I was getting all primed up to draft a e-blast to save Dr. Funkenstien from having to go to the guns on a lovely, humid evening here in the heart of bayou country........and then I read the whole post.

I've cooked my fair share of briskets and even tried the Night Train once when nobody was looking (I had my smoker lit up and the beer on the porch so no one would know I was using the oven). I like tending the fire but I really like results of a hot and fast. Now I'm working on weaning myself off foil - I hear there is some link between the use of foil in contact with meat and the early onset of Alzheimer's but I forget the details....
"Houston is a wretched little town composed of about twenty shops, and a hundred huts, dispersed here and there, among trunks of felled trees. It is infested with methodists and ants." -Emmanuel Domenech, Catholic Missionary, 1848
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