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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks for replies. Oak burns at 550 degrees and this will never be hotter than 250. It has already dried out all that it will. As you can see, each stave has been screwed into the metal rings. The way the propane will be set up in SS enclosure, flame will not be in any close contact to the wood. Remember, heat hopefully fire will not be an issue. Now this is an older barrel and I took off the rings to redo. This did cause some gaps in the wood in places. I bought some caulk that is for firebrick/fireplaces. It is a 2000 degree caulk that can be used for this. When it cures, it dries hard as brick.

It attracts attention, even during the build many have stopped to admire. wait til the first smoke!!! I am going to load it and set it by the road.
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