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So I found this site about a month ago and I have gotten very little work done since. I plan on starting my build once I find a drum, and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on the following. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1. I would like to have two racks. If I use a diffuser plate/water pan can I accomplish this without using a Weber lid mod? The reason I ask is the bottom rack would be closer than 24" to the box. I would cook without the diffuser when making smaller quantities, but would like the option for larger parties.

2. With the Weber lid mod, does anyone have issues with grease running down the barrel. I have 22" weber kettle and was thinking about using the lid. If I bolted the bottom of the kettle to the drum would this eliminate the grease. Could I just use high temp caulk to seal where the bottom kettle met the drum? I was planning on using the bolts to hold my top rack?

3. I like the look of a single intake, but I can't weld. I know that the UDS generally operates with all intakes closed and the ball valve mostly closed. What size pipe should I run for the single intake?
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