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Originally Posted by go77377 View Post
... Being I cook fat side up would the TQ have any effect on the meat if I put it on the fatty side? If I did, should I let it stay on a little longer or will it not even penetrate the fat?

BTW, I have really enjoyed reading about this topic
Years ago I did a test like this for a Cookshack Forum post. TQ won't penetrate Brisket Fat evenly, so don't put it on the fat side, only the meat side.

And if doing this, you have to be VERY careful on how much and how long.

The experiments I did showed a difference in 1 min vs 2 min vs 3 min (spinkle on evenly, let sit, then rinse off). If you leave it on, it will continue to cure the meat.

I've also seen people add TQ to the rub, but I've never seen anyone admit they do that and how much of it they add to their rub.

TQ is a cure, that's why the SR is red, you're curing the meat. So how much and how long has an affect with how thick.

For a test on your first one, put TQ on a Brisket in two steps. Leave it on for 1 min and wash off only one half (one end) of the brisket then after 2 min rinse the other half off. check the depth, it will be different.
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