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Originally Posted by go77377 View Post
I know this post is a few years olds, but I am not smart enough to smoke a brisket with a real fire, lol. I wish I could but I would throw away more briskets then I could eat. I use a Electric Smoker and I have no complaints about the flavor or tenderness. My biggest issue is obtaining a smoke ring. I guess you could say being here in Houston having a smoke ring is like judging a book by it's cover.

Anyway, I have researched to the end of the internet looking on how to obtain that smoke ring and it seems like my best resource is to use Morton's Tender Quick. I was looking at all the photos and reading the posts and I noticed that the brisket is cooked with the fat side down. I have read where most people prefer fat side up and fewer with the fat side down. I always do fat side up, so here is my question..... Being I cook fat side up would the TQ have any effect on the meat if I put it on the fatty side? If I did, should I let it stay on a little longer or will it not even penetrate the fat?

BTW, I have really enjoyed reading about this topic
I'm not familiar with TQ chemistry to assist on that question..

Just my observation here over the years... the majority here appear to cook fat cap down, not up.. this may be more of a result of newer members following what others with experience have done and/or the type of pit being used and how the heat flows through it.
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