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Originally Posted by jminion
Phil the judge gave you wrong info, sculpting is how you put the box together, if you were to shape as a $ sign or #1 to make designs in this manor it would be sculpting.

I would suggest going even futher up the brisket for this cut, go towards the point end another 3".
You can make the cuts shorter by cutting the bottom of the slice at the fat line where the flat and the point section meet. If your using a 9" box you can also go a little wider in width, if you start with 9" before you cook they will shrink enough to fit right. You could also trim the edges with a slight taper to give it amore natural look.

Nice idea hope you don't mind if I use it.
Great Input--thanks!

Feel free us use it--I'll PM you my address for the royalty checks

It is gonna take another couple of tests to satisfy me and DF, but I am intrigued with the idea.

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