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Let me see if I can answer some of the excellent questions.

My goal with this experiment was to produce a sample that would fit neatly in the box, be organized, and also show "care and effort" by the Southern Brethren to create an attractive display.

This would not be sculpting as DF and I were trained. FBA instructor spoke at length about sculpting and this is not close according to his guidance. Also, on one of the KCBS sites is the text transcript of the training video or slideshow apparently used by KCBS. They seem to agree.
Plus, Jim Minion says it is OK :D :D :D

While judging FL State Championships, I was given 2 "horrible", 3 "quite good", and 1 that was awarded my only 10's of the meet- a perfect 10-10-10. It was prepped this way.
My 10 for appearance was not based on any preference. It was based on the effort and skill of the team in creating a balanced and beautiful display.
DF and I had talked about this technique before and I just wanted to try.

Sorry the scale isn't on the pics. They were produced for DF and I never thought to scale them out.
Smoke ring is above 3/8 and approaching 1/2 inch all around. Height about 3.5 inches, width about 5 inches.

The smoke ring surprised the tar out of me. I put my new basket in the StudeDera and did a 20% Oak chunk in charcoal burn. 1st time ever for "ole stick burner" me. Impressive smoke ring and 7.5 hours on "Cruise Control" for temps

Temps were 200-220, cook time in smoke was 6hrs + 15 min to 160 degrees, foil time was 1hr +15 min to 185, and cooler time was zero (see below)
These slices were produced from a chunk cut from the brisket- see the pic. These cuts were with the grain.
Then, I cut slices "full cross grain", but would probably use a "bias cut" next time (thanks KC).

Tenderness was "as expected" because I could not stand the suspense and sliced it with no coolering time I was weak :D
Just a tad tough, but would have coolered out wonderful, I am sure.
I pulled from heat, cooled a bit on the counter, sliced it up, took some pics, and then chowed down!!

Taste was my normal bland Brisket, but DF will kick that up just fine.

My comment about resizing was to reduce the height. Easy adjustment.

Did I miss any questions--OH Yeah, no leftovers, sorry :D

Thank's for the suggestions so far--any more would be appreciated.

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