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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
Your welcome. We seemed to have gotten through the discussion without the inexperienced bbqer coming in and not realizing the historical place this process has in BBQ History and why before they vomit out things like... "there are many ways of doing Q but one thing is certain..bbq ain't boilin' / simmering."

I can remember other chants in the past like "cooking bbq above 225? Sure if you want to make shoe leather..." Thank God that bit of ignorance is dispelled. It can be good both ways but adjustments must be made.

Or how about "you better peel off the bark and have thin blue smoke or you will be making a charcoal puck," the poster completely unaware of the practices of such masters as Mixon. LOL Or Zion for that matter.
Thanks again for a great post Funk! I like your "shoe leather" comment. Like you have said, every method has it's place in the world of BBQ. I'll bet many that cook at lower temps but employ foil somewhere in the process don't even realize that once wrapped tightly in foil they are no longer cooking at 225. I've never temped what it gets up to but certainly into the 300's I would guess?
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