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Default Brisket Competetors and Judges--Opinion please

Guys and Gals,
Trying new things here in the South for the Southern Brethren.
I braved 43 degress temp to start fire today , and wound up in "tropical wear" by 2 PM--we are suffering from the frigid cold here

Would really appreciate input on the pics of Brisket here for turn-in.
I tried something new--just wondering how it looks!

I think appearance preceeds and therefore influences taste in judging, but could be wrong. Tenderness is OK amd I know how to make it great! Flavor is fine and DF will make it wonderful!
I did not "rub". DF will add that layer of flavor and bark! This is just meat with AJ spray as a "starting point".

Pic was taken just on a napkin for testing, but you can see the thought.

Already plan to change dimensions to make them longer and thinner.
Want honest opinions- "attaboys" don't count for the cash and trophies
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