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Default First Brisket on Robot "all nighter" or "Daybreak"

I just had to go meat shopping since I was near the Van Nuys RD after work...
this is what happened

American Choice Angus $2.09 / lb.

And to let you know my wife is on board, look what she got me

I am "all nighter" ready.

But really. I am going to be using Robot, my UDS. I am thinking of a scored
fat side down smoke @235 or so untill it probes like melted buttah...

I will be using straight K-Blue for fuel

Do I start it tonight around 11pm or wait untill the crack of dawn??
Bruce B.

Building "Robot", my UDS:
UDS "Robot" (the easy smoke oven), CL CharGriller w/sfb, Stok Quattro
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