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Ford... ask me after UP Hog Wild As many of you know, I sit as an organizer in a VERY small market, with almost no corporate suport left due to a hard hit local economy.... Add on to it the fact that we are trying to bring Q to a region it hasn't been before... and that we are 150 miles away from our closest other KCBS competition. In conversaton amongst organizers we have found that unless you are doing at least $10,000 in prize money, you are not going to have the magic to draw the teams.... So we have to try to do EVERYTHING the absolute best that we can to attract both teams and judges..... Add on to that the fact that we also have to do EVERYTHING we can to draw in thousands of guests through the addmission gates...... music, car shows, rides and games..... Let me find that avitar again .... But we do it for the kid's charities we try to support... and the love of the friendship we have found in the bbq community. It's wonderful to see the sport growing..... and I have learned to accept the reality of the limits we face here in the UP.
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