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Default Trimmed Brisket

Tomorrow will be my first time smoking Brisket. I called the butcher down the street and ordered me a nice cut. But when I picked it up, brought it home, and unwrapped it to examine it, the fat cap was trimmed off. Since it was my first time ordering a brisket, I didn't know I had to ask to not have the cap trimmed off (rookie mistake). Anyway, I now have a 6.5lb fat cap trimmed brisket to smoke tomorrow for a party. What are some things I could do to insure I don't dry it out and keep it juicy.

Some ideas I have (which are probably misguided) are:
  • Spray mop it more often
  • Lay bacon on top of it
  • Use Butter injections
  • Only smoke for a couple hours before wrapping.

Am I off base? Are some better than others? Do I just go about it the same way?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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