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Default Kobe Beef Carne Asada Tacos On Homemade Tortillas

OK, this is not really Kobe beef, but with all of the rich marbling it had, it sure looked the part! So for the record, this is actually USDA Choice Skirt Steak I cherry picked from Costco.

Here's a close up:

Time to prepare the marinade. I assembled orange juice, sliced onions, cilantro:

Here is the meat, seasoned on both sides ready to go into the marinade:

Your eyes do not deceive you - that IS a bottle of Lawry's and McCormack BBQ seasoning behind the meat. Besides the other marinade ingredients, this is my secret. I lightly season each side of meat with the Lawry's and then a liberal coating of the BBQ seasoning before I throw it in with the other marinade ingredients. If you're wondering if this is authentic or not, it most certainly is, and is very similar to what many Mexican carnicerias use on their carne asada.

So once I put the meat in with the other ingredients in a ziploc bag, I put it in the fridge to marinate overnight.

The following evening, I set up my Kingsford oval for a reverse sear with a few chunks of oak, and set the meat on the indirect side to cook slowly and take a nice smoke bath:

After about 20 mins, I moved the meat to the hot side for the final sear:

After I pulled the meat, I let it rest for about 20 mins. meanwhile, the missus got her tortilla press out and cranked out a bunch of homemade tortillas.

As I cut into the meat, it was perfectly medium rare and plenty juicy.

Here's two tacos plated, topped with homemade pico de gallo and extra hot salsa roja:

I can honestly say these were the best tacos I have ever eaten, due largely to the fresh tortillas and the amazingly richly marbled meat I lucked out on scoring!

Please use the above photo for the throwdown.
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