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Default Brisket getting tough after a long rest?

So I am new to BBQ, and looking for some advice while I concoct my 4th of July game plan.

My last brisket toughened up while resting in a cooler. People were late to the party, so I couldn't really serve it on time. At any rate, I held it for 2 hours in a cooler. It was much tougher than when I pulled it off the smoker.

I started with a flat, smoked at 225 until it plateaued for a while around 172, wrapped in foil, continued at 225 until the probe went in like butter which was around 200, more foil, into the cooler for 2 hours. Total time in the smoker (WSM) was about 6 hours.

I've read other people regularly hold the meat for that long.

Has anyone else had this problem?

How can I avoid it?

Perhaps I was wrong about the probe going in like butter, or my probe is too sharp. I don't know, but I would like to avoid it on Sunday.
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