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Originally Posted by Ford View Post
Also for the record I think it's a bad idea to outlaw heat lamps during box prep and that will be very difficult to enforce. Don't make a rule you can't enforce.
Why is it a bad idea to outlaw heat lamps during box prep?

Many of the current KCBS rules regarding meat preparation are very difficult/impossible to enforce. It is up to the individual cook to know, understand and follow the rules. Those that want to cheat will find a way to cheat no matter what KCBS does. If you want strict enforcement of the rules, then let's do away with bringing trailers and RVs to contests, so everyone has to cook out in the open. Personally, I'll vote to stick with the honor system we use now.

As Mack stated, the current rules are unambiguous on the use of an electric heat source to hold the temperature of the meat, so what exactly needs to be ruled on here?
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