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Kcchiefdav, it is a fact that the number of E. Coli outbreaks has risen drastically over the last few decades. Why? Because cattle are fed grain. Did we have massive E. Coli outbreaks fifty years ago? NO. Every year you see news headlines showing mass quantities of beef being tainted by E. Coli that has to be recalled. If that isn't bad enough, E. Coli is making its way into plants that we eat also.
As far as your statement of grain being a plant, I suggest you study up on your botanics. There is a definite distinction between a vegetable and a grain. As far as what cattles are fed (dried GRAIN), they eat grain...not vegetables. Granted, the corn humans eat is a vegetable. Cattle are not designed to eat grain; period. Cattle would eventually die on an all grain diet. Now you tell me if they are made to eat only grain.
As far as your last argument on people demanding beef so don't blame the producers, that is your perogative. Just because people demand cigarettes doesn't mean it is ok to produce them. I challenge you to walk into a Tyson farm that grows chickens and see how they are treated. If you can, as a moral agent, still look at mass produced chicken the same way, and, if you don't have any ethical dilemas result because of the experience, then go ahead and keep eating it. However, if you want to take the stance that it is ok to treat animals like inanimate objects of protoplasm just for our own selfish interest, then at least support your argument.

**I want to make it clear that I am in no way trying to offend anyone on this forum, nor have I been offened. If I disagree I am doing it respectfully. We all have our own opinions.
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