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Also, Tim got a look at the cooker Scott has indicated he'll let us use for the KCBS event in Plant City.

I really can't resist this one

At Plant City, we may cook as many as 75 Turkey Drunnies and a batch of sausages or "whatever" at a time on this HOG.
Maybe a Butt or so.

Now, the HOG firebox holds 100# of charcoal/wood at a bite.
Cookng area is measured in "Square Yards":.

But, I am really concerned that we may not have the space and thermal capacity to handle all of this!!!

But, just in case we are not "stressing" the HOG enough--

Where is the PooBah with a prime rib under his arm when ya need him ?????

Anybody who sees Phil around Plant City in mid-Nov, give him a ride!
We can probablu fit a prime rib in!

Damn- probably High Jacked a thread here, but ??????

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