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somebody shut me the fark up.
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BTW, doesn't that vertical cooker look like the one that midnight had built, kinda?
This one was built for a chef in Miami. He's bringing it back for some mods :D He doesn't use the rotisserie either. The bottom can be used for charcoal (direct cooking) but he's never used it for that. I've had these pics for quite a while.

Tim talked with Scott about some mods (go figure!) and Scott was receptive. Things like, more shelves - Scott says 6 per side, Tim thinks 5 would max and still allow plenty of air flow; Use that deep bottom for water reservoir - water inlet with float valve and then the ever popular drain mod! ; add full baffling with tuning plates; add a second chimney with damper - one on each side to allow for side to side adjustment of heat movement; etc. etc. etc.

I think Tim's about ready to come completely over to the "dark side" :D I'm already there - Plant City will be my third competition this year (4th if you count judging at Minneola) - and I only started in August (thanks Phil!). Tim and I are planning to do as many events in 2005 in Florida as we can possibly get to. We'll be in planning mode after Plant City so December will be quiet! Plans will be going forward re the rig - I had an interesting talk with the Health Department today - my "commissary" at the church is fine and all I need is a letter authorizing me to use it. The rig, on the other hand, because of my intended double use as a concession/off site catering/cookoff will need to be similar to the Austin National or Southern Yankee with an enclosed concession stand, hot/cold water, potable water and waste water tanks, three-compartment wash sink, hand sink, washable floors/wall/ceileing, covered cook area, etc.
It's not quite as bad as it sounds since I planned on doing it this way anyway -- I just needed verification! Fortunately, I can finish off most of the work myself - it's a good thing I'm familiar with RV systems :D
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