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Default First...get the proper information

Glen...I don't doubt your good intentions, but after 30 years in the animal protein production business, my polite suggestion is that you get your facts correct (hard to do because the press are some of the most ignorant on this subject) before you just emote the "food alarmists" propaganda. In short - never in the History of Man have we in the US had such a high quality, healthy, abundant, wholesome, nutritious and low-cost RAW or whole food supply. Those that tell you otherwise are either misinformed or trying to sell you something natural or organic at 3x the price. Nothing wrong with most of the organic or natural stuff, just that it promotes itself as a solution to a problem that doesn't exist...i.e. it presumes that our basic food supply in the US is is NOT. Far from it. Furthermore - it is charging 2-3x the price for something that is unnecessary...and the only way to do that is to falsely create the image that our traditional raw food supply is "dangerous". However - what we do need to work on in America is nutrition, diet & exercise...but that has nothing to do with the safety of the raw (i.e. unprocessed whole foods...processed foods CAN be a problem and are another subject for another time) food ingredients available in America. The current irrational hysteria about the safety of America's raw foods only serves as a major distraction from solving our real nutrition problems...which are diet and exercise.

Sorry to jump on ya but the subject is just too important to be emotional and not factual. It is sort of like expensive solution that doesn't address the real problems with our current healthcare system...but now I digress. Apologies.

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