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Default Genetic enhanced Salmon nearing approval

Genetic enhanced Salmon nearing approval by the Pinhead politico's in Washington. Which mean's no label as to the fact that it has a growth fish gene in it. They are also planning to splice it into other fish types.

I don't like not knowing what crap they are putting the food or drugs.

It makes the fish grow 2X as fast so they reach sell weight for Salmon in 18 months rather than 36 month's.

They claim that it will not effect people in any way, yep right.
Growth hormones, in all the feed for the food source animals isn't bad enough. Now they want to genetically modify them.

Makes no difference which party you favor in Washington!

Everyone should remember, God had a plan, when he made lawyer, lips, and liar all start with the letter "L".

Since most politico's are lawyers, when their lips are moving they are lying !

As a Disclaimer, I neither support neither of the locations that these google returns came from as this is a current breaking story.
New York Times article

Here is the Bio ethicist blog and web site

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