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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
i also did what busterdog said. 1 cooler for comp meat, first cold, then for hot. 1 cooler for our food, water and beer.
Boog - If I'm reading you correctly your using the same cooler for raw meat then using it later as a hotbox. We have a separate "hotbox" for large cuts since we typically still have raw chicken/ribs on hand. In my book proper food storage (in this context) requires that raw meats be stored separately from consumables. No way in hell I'm putting 30 to 40 lbs of raw meat in the same cooler as the beer and salsa. After all cooking is completed our raw cold storage is cleaned and iced so we can take all the leftovers home safely. So we have 2 large coolers (one for raw the other for consumables) and a medium cooler used as a hotbox (en-route it carries all the dry pantry items). BTW - garnish should never get anywhere near your raw storage.

We still have much room to improve to reach true "lean and mean". At our first comp last year we were a mess - way to much stuff spread hither and yawn. Pretty well organized now which is especially important since team captains are separated by 100 miles. At our last comp we were actually completely packed BEFORE awards...even had all the cleaning done!
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