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Good idea for a post. From what I can see in the pictures I agree it does look very cluttered. Your ideas for a second tent is a good one that we employ. One 10x10 for our kitchen area and a second matching 10x10 (zip tied together) for hang out space. We hang a gutter where the canopies meet to divert rain water.

The best advice I can give is to think like a working kitchen. For competitions we inventoried every item and categorized by Prep/Storage, Cook, and Pantry as our high priority items. Secondary is Serve (if you have guests), Cleanup, Miscellaneous, Overnight, and Personal. Only the high priority items go into the kitchen area so if your in a pinch your not looking through a bunch of other crap to find the damn probe thermo which always seems to get buried. Most of the secondary items can stay safely locked up in your trailer or truck pulled out when needed and none of it gets in the way.

Hope this gives you a few ideas!
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