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Default Competition Site Set-up Advice

I'm looking for ways to improve my set-up. I want to see how others are coping with a similar set-up. I currently set-up as follows on a 20' x 20' site (see attached pictures of a typical set-up )

- single 10' x 10' Quick Shade pop-up canopy with walls (sometimes I put the walls all the way up and other times only half way)
-trailered offset smoker (~ footprint is 10' x 6')
- two 6' tables (I set-up them up typically, in an L-shape with one table facing my smoker so that I can transfer meat back and forth easily
-1 card table
- three 3-drawer plastic cabinets from Menards
- variety of plastic tubs with covers
- a bunch of coolers (one for holding hot meat)
- those cheapo aluminum work lights that I clamp to my tent frame and direct at my smoker and one over the work table

Some of the problems that I see is a cluttered work space. I am thinking of a second tent, one for the kitchen and one for hanging out.

I have my rubs, cooking utensils, extension cords, tools, matches, thermometers, etc. in the plastic drawer units, which sit on the other table. The tubs hold: larger extension cords, work lights, blankets, paper towels, foil, knives, cutting boards, etc..

I've seen some teams that have their paper towels, plastic wrap, foil, etc. on some type of hanging roll. I've been just juggling those things's working, but I think that I can make it more efficient.

Should I be looking at differnet storage ideas, different tent sizes, layout?

One pice of advice that I can share that works for me is that I label each drawer and storage box, D1 - D9 for the drawers and B1 - B4 for the boxes. I have a checklist in Excel that has all of the supplies that I need with the storage location. It is very easy to inventory and to pack. Things that get loaded into the car are cleverly marked "CAR", while others are marked "SMOKER", like the wood, propane, coolers, etc. I only have a Ford Freestyle, so I have to pack very efficiently.........I just can't toss it in and expect everything to fit.

So, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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