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Default BBQ Brethren Large Build (Larger than 250 Gallons)

Welcome to this great thread,
We are trying to get all of the Build threads together in one location this is one of 3 threads. Categories are going to be:
Small (less than 75 Gallons)
Medium ( between 76 - 249 Gallons)
Large (larger that 250 Gallons)

My goal to this is to get all the builds together in one location so someone like myself that has an idea can just go to that corresponding thread and BAM!!! I don't know what the right way to do this is, what do you all think..
I would say maybe start a new thread about your build, post all of your questions, comments and of course Pictures. Then come into this thread and put a link to it. That way someone is not trying to follow 4 builds at once in one thread and get confused. I bet if we get quite a bit of response from this we can make a Sticky. Then when the new forums are up and running we may have our own sub forum, but this is a great way to check the temp to see if everyone likes the idea.
Please tell me what everyone thinks. This is going to be the same at the top of each thread..
Lets get to posting....... THE GREAT BBQ BRETHREN BUILDS!!!!!

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