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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Bigmista
Wow. I haven't had the nerve to try a brisket. Hate waste a good piece of meat with my ineptitude. But you guys make me really want to try one. Now I just have to find the time...
Dude, I was there with you. I tried one or two when I first got the 'dera, ya coulda re-soled your shoes with them. Too much heat, bought the wrong kind of briskets (super trimmed), didn't wrap, etc.........
I had given up on brisket.

Bro. KC started doing quite a few briskets and there was some chatter here on the board about his successes and failures (though I don't really recall any true failures, maybe less than perfect results.) PMs with a few brothers started flying, maybe even a few phone calls. Anyway, took all the advise that was given and cooked a brisket for the 4th of July. Brisket Nirvana first time cooking! I took some of everyone's suggestions and did it! One month later, used the same process at the Boone County Fair cookoff and place 3rd in the brisket catagory.

Phil is right, buy one, the boys here will walk you through. They did with me, and I'm damn glad they did. Seriously, most of my cooking style has come from what I have learned here. I guess you could call it "The Brethren Way." Works for me!
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