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Question Luau next week.

I have been commissioned to make some Hawaiian style pulled pork for an office party next week. According to Fastball from this thread to feed 60+ people I need about 20LBs of cooked pork. So that is at least 40lbs of raw pork. Figuring each butt is around 8lbs, I need at at least 5 butts. I will probably do 6-7 butts to be safe.

Here are my questions.

1) I have never loaded up my drum with that much meat before (it's a shame, I know) will having it loaded so full drastically effect my cooking times/temps? I normally just do a couple butts/slabs at a time. Figuring on 225, foil at 160, rest at 185. Assuming it takes 1.5 -2hrs per lb. looking at 12-16 hours? Correct?

2) The event is after work on Thursday. Should I smoke this weekend, pull and hold in the refrigerator until Thursday? or start Wednesday night, and pull them/rest them in the morning? I would rather smoke this weekend so i can get some sleep, and have it all taken care of.

3) Anyone have some great recipes for me? I have never done "Hawaiian style" pork, but I am guessing it is more of a sweeter flavor. Pineapple and soy type of injection perhaps? I will be doing some research, but wanted to ask the pros here first.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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