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Ok, I clinked the link and read the first page. I found it interesting that there is no author named or any credentials, no testimonials from "satisfied customers", and a couple of stock photos. Looks like a squeeze page to me.

Did you notice that the "Affiliate Program" page is very detailed. Did you notice the testimonial from freeadvertisingforum dot com? That raised a flag with me.

A quick whois search didn't help much; it's a godaddy site and the owners name isn't listed. Now I'm really curious. I Googled the Berkeley, CA address listed listed on the bottom of the page...

Want to guess where freeadvertisingforum is located? As well as lots of other internet marketing sites that will show you (for a fee) the secrets to amazing wealth from internet and affiliate marketing? There is a name listed, but who knows if it's a real name or a pseudonym...But he seems to have a following in the internet marketing world.

Maybe...the information offered is legitimate. Who knows. But I wouldn't pony up $30 for this particular e-book...

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