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Default Chicken, mushrooms, and Fat oh my! (pr0n)

Chicken was on the menu lastnight, I planned on initially doing it beer can style on the weber but, then realized it might be too tall, then thought to do it on the UDS which would have provided enough room but, then realized, I didn't have enough time to cook it that way. So, spatchcocking it was the answer. Here is the beautifull bird all spatched out and seasoned up for the lower rack on the UDS.

Then it was onto the UDS.

After about 35 minutes, flipped it.

Then let it go until she was ready to eat!

The skin was bite through and the seasoning blend was awesome, remembering it for next time.
After dinner, the UDS was still going so, I looked through the fridge to see what else to throw on there and came across some stuffing mushrooms I had gotten earlier in the week.

Feeling like having them be extra cheesey with a hint of Italian, I took out half a block of neufchatel cheese, 1/3 cup motzerella, some minced garlic, oregano, and basil, and mixed them all up. Then proceeded to fill the mushrooms.

I then got the idea to drench them in Basalmic Vinegar. Now being as my wife is not a big vinegar fan, I only did half of them, from there it was onto the UDS.

I kinda forgot they were out there and didn't get back to them until about 40 mins. It was already getting dark out so had to break out the flashlight.

They looked plenty done to me so quick grabbed a plate.

The 6 on the right are the ones with the Basalmic. They got a bit of char/carmelization to them and should have probably been taken off 10 minutes sooner. The wife liked the plain ones, which was a definite plus, I liked the flavors I was getting off of the basalmic ones but, next time, I'm going to soak the mushrooms in the basalmic before stuffing them.
And last but certainly not least, for fathers day I had smoked up a pork butt but, before doing so, I had removed the fat cap. Now, I could not let something as wonderfull as this go to wast so, I took the cap, let it set in a marinade for about 4 hours, took it out, sliced it into inch wide strips, and then through them onto the UDS.

As you can probably tell from that pic, I did a nice heavy smoke on these. Now, I had never done something like this before but, curiosity got the better of me. I'm sure there is a proper name for these things someone said they might be cracklins but, I wouldn't know. Alll I know is I cooked them to bacon like doneness with a good crisp but some give to them still.

All I know is they were pure awesome, my level of this is described as:
If it makes your stomache growl and your heart scared as soon as you see it or smell it, it's got to be good!
These totally lived up to it. I actually had someone tell me when eating one of these things, "I feel like I'm cheating on every diet I've ever done or will do."
Thanks for looking!
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